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The Internet's latest shoe-shopping website, recently carried out a survey on which questioned men and women about their attitudes and preferences towards footwear ...with surprising results!

Do you agree with Jil Sander's statement in Vogue's 2000 Predictions, "Shoes will be the single most important thing to wear over the next century"?

63% of women agreed
43% men agreed.

Would shoes make a difference to the way you assessed a member of the opposite sex?

68% of women agreed that shoes were important when assessing a potential boyfriend and would contribute to his appeal.

30% of women surveyed decided shoes were a definite reflection of personality.

2% of women voted that shoes were not an important factor at all.

Would you alter your chat up lines according to the shoes a woman was wearing?

60% of men agreed the footwear would make a difference to their approach.

20% of men would use the same chat up line whatever the woman was wearing on her feet.

20% agreed that alcohol was the only thing that truly affected their chat up lines.

What would you advise a man wearing white socks with open-toed sandals?

80% of women decided that any man who wore white socks with sandals should be advised to take a humane injection.

18% of women agreed they would gently persuade him the to bin the socks and/or the sandals.

2% of women did not understand the question.

Would you appreciate a man who took an interest in your footwear?

72% of women appreciated a man who took an interest in their footwear, as the male was more likely to be looking at their legs and ankles rather than their t...s and a..e.

20% of women surveyed decided that the man would be genuine and considerate if he took an interest in her shoes.

8% of women agreed that the man would concern them, as he could be prone to fetish activities.

Is the way a woman stores her shoes a reflection of her psyche?

81% of men surveyed said they would be suspicious of a woman who kept her shoes arranged in a line outside her wardrobe.

10% of men agreed that a women who meticulously polished, repaired and looked after her shoes was probably a control freak.

9% of men decided a woman who had no regard for her shoes lacked self-respect.

Would the number of shoes a man owned affect your attraction to him?

76% of women surveyed stated that they would question a man's sexual preference if he owned more than ten pairs of shoes.

20% of women agreed that a man with only two pairs of shoes was more than likely to be tight with money.

14% of women stated that the number would have no affect on his attractiveness.

How would you react to a man who bought shoes impulsively?

70% of women agreed that they would resent a man who was more impulsive over his shoes than his girlfriend.

12% of women agreed they thought it would be a reflection of his financial position.

18% of women would consider him vain.

How would you categorise a woman who had an obvious weakness for shoes?

80% of men agreed she would be 'high maintenance', decadent and exciting.

16% agreed the woman would be greedy with an addictive personality.

4% said they probably wouldn't even notice.

Results of the 'Match the Chat Up Line with the Footwear' survey:

High-heeled and glamorous: "Those shoes weren't made for walking, so what were they made for?"

Low, comfort, branded shoe: "Alright, mate. Fancy a drink?"

Nasty synthetic upper with clompy heel: "Grab your coat, darlin'. You've pulled."

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